The Microphones

The Microphones

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The Microphones was a lo-fi band based in Olympia, Washington, and fronted by Phil Elvrum. Elvrum is the principal member of the band, but he has collaborated with many other musicians on his records. In 2004, Elvrum announced that he had changed the name of his band to Mount Eerie, and has since put out many releases as Mount Eerie, including three full-length albums. In January 2007, Elvrum released a new single under the Microphones moniker, titled Two Songs by the Microphones, the only Microphones release since the name change. Read more on


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Лучшие песни

The Microphones - I Want Wind to Blow.mp3The Microphones - The Moon.mp3The Microphones - I Felt Your Shape.mp3The Microphones - Instrumental.mp3The Microphones - Headless Horseman.mp3The Microphones - My Roots Are Strong And Deep.mp3The Microphones - The Mansion.mp3The Microphones - I'll Not Contain You.mp3The Microphones - (Something).mp3The Microphones - You'll Be in the Air.mp3The Microphones - I Am Bored.mp3The Microphones - I Felt My Size.mp3The Microphones - The Glow Pt. 2.mp3The Microphones - Map.mp3The Microphones - I Want to Be Cold.mp3The Microphones - The Gleam Pt. 2.mp3The Microphones - Samurai Sword.mp3The Microphones - My Warm Blood.mp3The Microphones - The Pull.mp3The Microphones - the Glow, pt. 2.mp3The Microphones - Ice.mp3The Microphones - The Glow.mp3The Microphones - Karl Blau.mp3The Microphones - Between Your Ear And The Other Ear.mp3The Microphones - The Breeze.mp3The Microphones - Sand (Eric's Trip).mp3The Microphones - The Gleam.mp3The Microphones - Drums.mp3The Microphones - Solar System.mp3The Microphones - Organs.mp3The Microphones - Instrumental (2).mp3The Microphones - Something.mp3The Microphones - Deep.mp3The Microphones - Universe.mp3The Microphones - I can't believe you actually died.mp3The Microphones - Florida Beach.mp3The Microphones - The Sun.mp3The Microphones - I'll Be in the Air.mp3The Microphones - I Lost My Wind.mp3The Microphones - bass drum dream.mp3The Microphones - Here With Summer.mp3The Microphones - I. The Sun.mp3The Microphones - Mt. Eerie.mp3The Microphones - (Something) - 1.mp3The Microphones - Don't Wake Me Up.mp3The Microphones - Tonight There'll Be Clouds.mp3The Microphones - Lanterns.mp3The Microphones - I'm Getting Cold.mp3The Microphones - III. Universe.mp3The Microphones - I Felt You.mp3

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